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Joseph MarcellaMr. Marcella is the first and current CIO/Director of the Department of Information Technologies for the City of Las Vegas.  He has held this position since the Department was created by the Mayor and Council in 1997.  Mr. Marcella’s prior experience is primarily from the private sector, most recently as Senior Vice President and Director of Information Systems at Norwest Bank (now Wells Fargo). He has logged over forty (40) years in Information Systems and more then thirty (30) in the management of business technologies.

Mr. Marcella has been credited in both the private and public sectors with numerous “firsts”.  Continuing this trend; the City of Las Vegas is one of a few government entities to earn an Oracle showcase designation. Las Vegas has been nationally recognized for its successful introduction and deployment of City wide enterprise systems, (well beyond the typical financials); Internet business services; e-Government delivery prowess; and its 4th generation interactive Web site (winner of the Center for Digital Government’s Best of the Web 2006 & 07 & # 1 for 2008). Accordingly, the City has been distinguished as one of the most wired cities in the Country.

Mr. Marcella is a member of the UNLV Graduate Advisory Board and the current Chair of the State of Nevada Entities Technical Alliance (SNETA - CIOs at the forefront of numerous interlocal initiatives). This year he was honored as one of the Nations Top 25 CIOs - Doers; Dreamers and Drivers.

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UNLV: First Nevada Institution to become the NSA National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance

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